Rules of Participation 2019

8th International Forum of Arts ‘Eurojurmala’

Greate event in the world of art!

Music is the source of thought, joy and inspiration!

From 13 till 17 June 2019 year at the Baltics seacoast resort town Jurmala there will be taken place by International Forum of Arts Eurojurmala.

Every year more than thousand performers from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Spain, UAE and many other countries.

The list of guests and members of Jury of the Forum contains such stars as Igo Fomin (Latvia), Olga Pirags (Latvia), Samanta Tina (Latvia), Тео (Belorussia), Karlo Kori (Italy), Roberto Meloni (Italy), Anne Veski (Estonia), Markus Riva (Latvia), Lyubasha (Russia) and many others.

The events are taking part on prestige Stages of Jurmala:

– Jurmala’s Center of culture Park
– Concert Hall of Lielupe Hotel by SemaraH, 4*
– Gala-Concert “Stars and Childrens” – famous Concert hall “Dzintari”! For many years, in this hall were made TV- translations of such festivals as “New Wave”, KVN, “Yurmalina”, Comedy Club.

Video of forum events is a subject of TV channels broadcast in different countries and for also being live at

● Competitions in nominations: vocal, choreography, instrumental
music, theater, circus art, fashion theater
● Creative meetings, parade of participants, flash mob, disco
● International Star Jury
● Live video broadcast from the concert hall “Dzintari”
● Comfortable accommodation and exciting excursions
● Holidays at the seaside with parents and friends
● Grand Prix in every forum competition



Impresa produce center in cooperation with the International Creative Union Intermedia and the International Charitable Foundation for Culture Dzintara zvaigzne.

The most significant events organized since 1996: International festival “Morning Star – Jurmala” in cooperation with Yuri Nikolayev (this festival has been broadcasted on 1st Russian International channel), contest of young singers “Moscow – Jurmala”, reality show “Hello, Jurmala!” broadcasted on TV5 channel Latvia, International festivals “Art – turner”, “Debut”, “Christmas Surprise”, “Amberstar”, “Talent Show”, “Baltic Voyage”.

Since 2002, cooperation with producer centers and festivals: “Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk” (Belarus), “Eastern Bazaar” (Ukraine), Canzoni dal Mondo (Italy) and others.

Intention and objectives of contest

• Integration of the broad masses of society into the creative process through
participation in the forum.
• Search, promotion and promotion of young talents.
• Strengthening of international cultural relations.
• Sharing of experience and increasing the level of performing skills.

The program of the forum includes contests for genres, nominations, age groups and fetal program:

1. Competition of performers of instrumental music
2. Competition of Choral Art
3. Vocal competition
4. Competition of young performers of popular music
5. Competition of choreography
6. Competition of circus art
7. Competition of theaters
8. Competition of fashion theaters
9. Festival program

FOR participants

The forum can be attended by soloists and groups aged 5 to
30 years old: students of music schools, children’s art schools, secondary schools
special musical educational institutions, centers of creativity,
participants of choreographic collectives, theatrical studios, theaters
fashion, circus studios, amateur and amateur groups.


Participants: soloists, small forms (duet, trio, quartet, quintet), ensembles
(up to 12 people), orchestras.

Competitive nominations:

● classical music
● folk music
● classical music in modern processing
● jazz
● modern music

Each participant or collective can perform in several competitive


● stringed instruments
● Keyboard instruments
● plucked instruments
● Wind Instruments
● percussion instruments
● folk instruments
● bow instruments

Age categories:

● 7-9 years
● 10-13 years
● 14-17 years old
● 18-30 years old
● mixed

The age group of the collectives is determined by the average age

Requirements for the program

Contestants must prepare one work or two variegated, total duration:

● Soloists – up to 4 minutes
● Duos, trios, ensembles – up to 8 minutes
● Orchestras – up to 15 minutes

Do not exceed the timing of the executable program. When
Exceeding the time of performance, the jury has the right to stop
performance and reduce the evaluation.

● Duets, trio quartets – not allowed to participate in the concertmaster
● Ensemble from 5 to 12 people – participation is allowed
● Orchestra from 13 people – teachers are allowed to speak
in the orchestra, but not more than 15% of the total number of participants

Evaluation criteria:

● purity of intonation and sound quality
● Performing skills
● correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and
the age category of the performer
● stage culture


Participants: choirs in the composition of 13 to 50 people.

Competitive nominations:

● pop vocal
● folk singing
● academic vocal
● gospel music

Age categories:

● 7-9 years – junior group
● 10-13 years old children’s choir
● 14-17 years old teen choir
● 18-30 years – youth choir

Requirement to the program: participants of the competition must prepare
one work or two different characters.

The duration of the performance is up to 6 minutes.

During the speeches, the use of “live”
accompaniment, phonogram, as well as sound amplification equipment
(microphones and speakers).

Evaluation criteria:
● intonation
● sound quality
● Matching score or quality of interpretation (depending
from the nomination)
● general impression of the performance


Participants: soloists, duets, trios, collectives.


● variety
● Folk songs
● author’s song
● jazz
● Pop rock
● academic vocal (opera, major form, mass, pastoral)
Participants can claim one or more nominations.

Age categories:
VOCAL KIDS (up to 12 years old)
VOCAL JUNIOR (13-16 years old)
VOCAL ADULT (17 years old +)

Vocalists sing in a “live voice” accompanied by a phonogram “-1” or
a musical instrument (synthesizer or other) or, and a cappella.

Duration of the room is up to 3 minutes.

During the performance, dancing is allowed.

Evaluation criteria:

● purity of intonation and sound quality
● Performing skills
● correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and
the age category of the performer
● stage culture


Participants: young performers from different countries between the ages of 18 and 30
years, having experience of performance on a professional stage.
Solo, duet, trio, group.

Requirements for the program:

● A contestant must prepare one work
own writing or written specifically for him.
● A song can be written in any genre and performed on any
● There can be up to 6 people on the stage, including
musicians, backing vocals and dancers.
● Contestants sing “live voice” accompanied by a phonogram
● Backing vocals are allowed, which does not duplicate the main voice.

Duration of the song is up to 3 minutes.

Evaluation criteria:

● mastery of performance
● purity of intonation
● The voice range
● originality of melody and arrangement
● entertainment (scenic image, acting)

Participants: soloists, duets, trios, collectives.


● Classical choreography
● Neoclassical choreography
● Dance show
● Children’s dance (up to 12 years)
● Experimental dance
● Sports choreography
● Contemporary choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassic,
kontemporari, neofolk, afro)
● Variety choreography
● Folk choreography
● Stylization of folk dance
● Folk-stage dance
● Street destinations (hip-hop, house, techno, disco, break dance)
● Ballroom dance (European program, Latin American
Participants can claim one or more nominations.

Age categories:

● up to 6 years
● 7-9 years
● 10-13 years
● 14-17 years old
● 18-30 years old
● mixed
● professional

Duration of the room is up to 3 minutes.

Evaluation criteria:

● plastic
● synchronicity of movements
● artistry
● correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and
the age category of the performer


Participants: children’s and youth circus studios and educational institutions.


● acrobatics
● clownery
● gymnastics
● rubber
● balancing act
● juggling
● show with the subject
● Illusion

Age categories:

● 7-9 years
● 10-13 years
● 14-17 years old
● 18-30 years old

Duration of the room is up to 3 minutes.

Evaluation criteria:

● level of performing skills
● artistry
● scenic (plastic, costume, performance culture)
● creative approach to the selection of the repertoire, artistic
registration of the program (props)



● musical theater (musical, ballet, opera)
● Drama theater
● puppet theater
● theater of plastics and pantomime
● street theater
● theater of skits

Participants can claim one or more nominations.

Age categories:

● up to 10 years
● 11-13 years
● 14-17 years old
● 18-30 years old

Duration of the room is up to 15 minutes.

Evaluation criteria:

● level of performing skills
● artistry
● theatricality
● creative approach to the selection of the repertoire
● the design of the program (props)


Participants demonstrate the author’s collection on a free topic.

Participants can claim one or more collections.

Age categories:

● up to 10 years
● 11-13 years
● 14-17 years old
● 18-30 years old

Duration of the room is up to 5 minutes.

Evaluation criteria:

● idea
● the integrity of the composition
● originality of the director’s decision
● the imagery of the disclosure of the collection theme
● Entertainment
● artistic performance
● plastic
● choreography
● music design


Participants: contestants of the forum.

Nominations: any of the nominations of the forum.

Contest participants are given the opportunity to perform on large stage in
The concert hall of Dzintari.

When submitting an application, in the questionnaire in the section “nomination” indicate “festival


Producers, teachers of specialized educational institutions, heads of creative collectives and organizations, people of culture and art of different countries.

Professional jury is formed by genres.

The jury’s decision is final and not subject to change.

Performances of participants are evaluated on a 10- point system.

The composition of the jury members by nominations will be published on the forum’s website.

A jury member does not evaluate a participant, in case he is leader or teacher of this participant.


● Certificates for participation in competitions and festivals of the producer
center of Impresa
● Taking a video clip
● Professional photo session
● Recording a song in a recording studio
● Gifts from sponsors and the organizer of the forum
● People’s Choice Award
● The Amber Voice Prize
● Prize for strengthening international, cultural ties
● Prize for the best choreographic production
● Prize for high performing skills
● Prize for artistry and entertainment


Venues and awards are awarded to participants in each nomination and
age group, according to the scores scored by five
members of the jury, according to the following scale:

Grand Prix – 50 points
1st place – 45-49 points
2nd place – 44-40 points
3rd place – 39-35 points
Diploma for participation – 34 points or less

Grand Prix is ​​awarded to the winner in each forum contest.
Grand Prix may not be awarded if the participants did not score the highest
number of points.

By decision of the jury, duplication of prizes is allowed.
In case of disputable issues, when assessing the jury, the organizing committee has a +1
The first places of competitions will take place in the gala concert, the winners
audience voting, as well as participants selected by the jury and
organizing committee.
The show “Stars and Children” will feature Grand Prix


To participate in the contest it is necessary to send:

● Application for participation in the contest by e-mail of the organizing committee
● Musical accompaniment of the number, for vocalists the phonogram “-1”
● Creative biography
● 1-2 photos for the forum booklet (in JPG format)
● A link to a video with a participant’s speech posted on the Internet
● Pay a registration fee of 30% of the selected package to
within 3 days after receipt of participation confirmation

Applications are accepted until May 14, 2019.


Technical requirements (microphones, racks, props) need
coordinate with the organizers when submitting an application.
Up to 30% of performers of younger or
older age category.
The exact schedule of events can be received in the organizing committee for 7 days
before the start of the competition.
Submission of an application for a tender means acceptance of the conditions of this
The provisions of the Eurojurmala International Art Forum and confirmation
reliability of the information provided


When applying and participating in Eurojurmala competition, the contestants
agree on the photo and video, as well as the audio recording of their speeches
on the stage and other events of the competition and convey the
this copyright to the organizer of the competition.


Expenses related to travel, stay, medical insurance
participants exercise at their own expense or at the expense of the sending party.
For foreign participants, the organizing committee helps to arrange visas for

Produce center “IMPRESA”
Phone: +371 27009998 (Viber, WhatsApp)
E-mail: Web: